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with less that be two months on go until election day, every word and every secondhand shake counts. we'll have a with respect of this weekend's swing state sweep. >> here at home, a 17-year-old murdered in her open home and still few answers. we'll tell what you police are doing to keep the community updated on this investigation. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. good morning. it is 6:00 on this monday, september 10th. that means the days are getting shorter. it is still dark out there. it will feel very nice and refreshing. it is monday, september 10th. i'm sarah simmons i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. man people are still cleaning up this morning from our saturday sudden storms. reston took an especially hard
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hit on south shore road actually large tree crushed a carport. another clip awed house. in that neighborhood alone, seven homes were damaged. the national weather service conducted a storm survey and says there is no evidence of a tornado touchdown. >> all right. but still a lot of damage that was left behind. people that were without power but got the power back on. >> thank goodness for that. >> i know that inconvenience is not very pleasant. >> not at all. they had enough of that during the june 29th derecho. >> exactly. the satellite-radar composite showing you nothing because we have a ridge of high pressure in control. could be a little bit of fog to the far west over the mountains. that will be out of the way soon when the sun comes up. yesterday's high just two to three degrees off the mark. 79 at dulles. the cold front was very strong. in the 4:00 hour, it was 89
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degrees it the dulles and the temperature dropped 25 degrees by the 4:00 hour. the cooler fresh air is here. current temperature, 61 at d.c. 59 at baltimore. 55degrees at winchester. so for today, here is your day planner. by midday, 74 degrees and no shortage of sunshine as we head for a high of 78. >> all right. it will be beautiful. >> it is. >> it looks great. thank you. time now to say hello to julie wright. are we okay with the weather? i'm ready to go to miami if you are? >> not yet. >> i'm ready for you. i fit comfortably in the overhead bin. >> two for one. i'm all about it. >> we have major tie-ups to report early this morning. the crew in sky fox there, a
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multiple vehicle accident just south of 410 in riverdale has traffic squeezing by to right. traffic coming southbound as beginning to slow back at the capital beltway if not before headed down towards the accident scene. your better bet is to bail out, pick up 50, uses that as the workaround as you guys continue past bridge hospital. we'll update the ride swr. this is where we had problems in virginia. overnight construction still in place scheduled to be cleared around 6:00 so we're keeping an eye on this for you. the repaving project that has tied up the commute for the last couple of days trying to make your way to and from school, this is roadwork along 286 in each direction at lee chap he road. that is scheduled to clear by 6:30. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. a look at this morning's top stories. a community meeting is being held tonight to discuss the unsolved murder of a maryland teenager. 17-year-old amber stanley was shot and killed last month in
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her cettinger home. investigate ors say there is nothing in her background to indicate someone wanted her dead. prince george's county police will address any concerns about the case tonight at 7:00 p.m. a busy weekend on the campaign trail. president obama just returned from a stop in the swing state of florida on zipped. his republican challenger attended church with his family in massachusetts. -- of florida on sunday. new polls show the president got a bounce from the democratic convention and now leads romney by about five percentage points. meanwhile, congress gets back to work this week following its summer recess. a vote is expected soon to temporarily extend current government spending levels. the extension would last for the next six months delaying talk of more cuts beyond the november election. another big story we are following. he is a former navy seal who took part in the raid that led to the death of osama bin
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laden. and if the first time, he is talking about the book that has made him the source of much controversy. now, he wrote no easy day under the pen name marcoen and for security ropes, his appearance and voice were altered in last night's interview to cbs' 60 minutes. >> this operation was one ever of the most significant operations in u.s. history and it is something that i believe deserves to be told right and deserves to go in a book and stand for itself. en i'm not talking secrets or tactics. don't even get into any of that stuff but i try to give the read are a sense of what it is like to be there. >> the pentagon has said it may pile charges against the author because the manuscript was not submitted for prepublication security review. tomorrow marks eleven years since the september 11th attacks.
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here in the district, washington national cathedral will not hold a special ceremony. however, there will be prayers offered during the regularly scheduled services. president obama and the first lady are expected to attend a private ceremony at the pentagon but first, they will hold a moment of silence for the victims on the white house lawn. vice president joe biden will speak at the memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania remembering the victims killed on unite flight 93. that flight was supposedly headed for d.c. but passengers on board revolted and were able to take it down near shanksville n new york city, homeland security secretary janet napolitano will be at the world trade center memorial. for the first time since the attacks, organizer did not invite any politicians to speak at ground zero. also making headlines this morning, schools out in chicago, teachs are for the nation's third largest school system, go on strike today. >> and late are, we are talking about the redskins big win. robert griffin iii did not
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disappoint in new orleans. fox 5 morning news is back in a moment. anncr: this cacasino's in west virginia.
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but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now w they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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there won't be any teachers in the classroom today for more than 400,000 students in chicago. the teachers union in chicago is going on strike after the latest round of contract talks stalled again late last night. the two sides are haggling over issues like pay raises, benefits and job security. mayor rahm emmanuel says the strike is unnecessary because the two sides are so close to a new deal. an investigation is under way in florida after a motorcycle officer escorting the president's motorcade to a campaign event was killed. the 55-year-old officer from jupiter was getting ready to shut down frat 95 in west palm beach yesterday when he was hit by a pickup truck. the white house press secretary jay carney says president obama's thoughts and prayers are with the officer's family. the victim was a 20-year veteran of the police force.
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the long awaited report on the fast and furious operation is expected to be released by the justice department tomorrow. the scanned center around a series of strange operations by the atf. agents allowed gun shops to sell weapons illegal in rays roiz with the hope that they could track them back to drug cartels. many of the guns ended up being lost or used by cartels in murders. it feels a little bit like football weather out there. we are checking in with gwen for your full forecast. find out if this taste of fall is here to stay. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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you cooperate have scripted it any better for robert griffin iii. albert morris had the ground attack with two touchdowns of his own. the skin win 40 been 32. griffin remained composed throughout the game even during adversity. >> the one thing i don't do is try to prove anything to anyone. this is a game i played identify long time and guys in that locker room. i was still a rookie to them. after this game, they told me i'm he not a rookie anymore. >> robert did an unbelievable job for him to play the way he did the first game in the national football league with the poise that he played and some of the throws that he made. >> now coming up in about 20 minute, dave ross is back to break down the skins big win. >> and it certainly feels like football time outside. we are taking a live look outside. the washington monument, sun starting to come up now finally. 6:15 right now.
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days are going to get shorter but we don't care because everybody is excited about the football. >> redskins doing well. >> he must feel really great hearing that from the older players. >> until you lose your next game. then you're back to being a rookie. >> i'm turning it all positive. rg iii, thumbs up from me. >> thumbs up from everybody. >> we have plenty of nice weather heading your way. you will be very, very thankful to mother nature. we have a week that will be a little bit cooler but plenty of sunshine in my forecast i'm happy to say at least and the temperatures are going to rise as we move through into late week but we've got a frontal system to keep an eye on as well. that will be closer into the weekend. in the meantime, not all bad. here is a look at national satellite-radar come boss yoit for you. you can see a little bit of activity to the northwest and some of this pushing its way through into areas to the western portion of the country. other than that, look at the
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rest of the country. there is really nothing going on. we've got a nice solid ridge of high pressure and that is dominating our weather pattern. so thins are calm and a lot drier compared to how they were on saturday. >> here is a look at our current temperatures right now. a refreshing start to your morning. 61degrees at reagan national airport. we've got 59 at baltimore. 55degrees to the north at hagerstown. cumberland at 50 degrees. we've got 56 degrees at dulles and 61 at d.c. here is a look at national temperatures. we had that strong cold front move flu on saturday and it ushered in a lot of cooler air. we are talking about joust how cool it is here this morning. look at some of these temperatures. we've got some 40s on our map. the south still staying on the warmer side. we'll deal with some winds pushing in today from the northwest. they will be gusting about 25 miles per hour this afternoon. cooler days in my forecast as we head into the 70s for today. 78 for your daytime high. let's check in now with julie wright and see how this
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morning's commute is going. >> we've got problem out here on the roads early this morning. we have late cheering construction and a multivehicle accident tying up the drive alt- washington parkway south of 410 here in riverdale. that is where we find the crew in sky fox hovering over this for about a half hour. traffic is squeezing by to the right traveling southbound on the baltimore-washington parkway. big delays headed down towards this accident. plan your trip accordingly. come south on route one ads the workaround. come inbound on route other leaving riverdale and cheverly. that will help out your commute. this is a multivehicle accident with more fire and rescue units responding to the scene. we just saw one more police officer make his way southbound as well. a lot of activity that needs to be cleared before we can get the road reopened. if you are travel ago long eastbound 66, the lanes are open but 234 at godwin drive, that is blocked off in each direction for a overturned vehicle.
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lanes are open northbound on 95 and 395 traveling between the occoquan and the pentagon. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. we want to let you know about some unique opportunities this week for disabled veteran and soldiers transitioning back from the war front. the group, enable america, is stepping up action to help them find jobs. they include on the job shadowing at places like the fbi and clark construction. to learn more, go to the web site you see on your screen, enable or call the number on your screen, 1-877- enable. fuente loans are coming back to haunt borrowers in a big way. -- student loans are coming back to haunt borrows in a big way. >> there is an unclaimed prize out there. >> the ticket was sold at the
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high pressurey shopper in henrico county, virginia. -- the ticket was sold at the happy shopper in henrico county, virginia. i do have some lottery tickets i haven't checked. >> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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welcome back. as you probably know, education is an investment. just better be sure you can pay it off. we'll have more on that in a minute. >> first, let's take a look at what is ahead on the market this week. lauren simonetti with fox business beat. can we keep the stroke going now? >> on friday, the markets rose
6:24 am
to a highest level in three months. you couldn't tell on friday, kind of flat after the disappointing august jobs report. this week is all about the federal reserve. this they meet wednesday appears thursday. thursday, we find out if the jobs report was weak enough. -- they meet wednesday and thursday. >> let's talk about this. a lot of people taking out student loans just to get through college. but apparently, a lot of people are having trouble paying them back. >> yeah, one in six americans is at least a year behind on their student loan payments. to put that in perspective, that means annual duation at every two and four year institution in the united states. the government wants to make sure they get their money back. their track record is 0 cents
6:25 am
on every dollar that goes into default if you find yourself falling behind on your loans, watch out because the government can seize your paycheck, your tax return. they really are going to get you. they are spending more and more money going after student borrowers who default to the tune of one and a half billion dollars last year. >> some borrowers probably don't realize they can go after all those things. that is what is on the line. >> exactly. >> all right. disturbing news. that is for sure. >> sorry. staggering numbers. >> see you tomorrow. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, with the election less than two months out now, every moment on the campaign trail counts. in one swing state over the weekend, president obama got a whole lot of love from one voter. find out why this big bear hug was not the only surprise. and redskins fans are feeling the love for robert griffin iii this morning. dave ross is here to wrap up sunday's big win against the saints when fox 5 morning news continues. stay with us. 
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welcome back. an update on this weekend's severe weather. the national weather service says there were no tornado touchdowns in fairfax county. still, many neighborhoods took a hard hit especially in reston. on south shore road ark large tree crashed a carport. another clipped a house n that neighborhood alone, seven homes were damaged. clean-up continues in new york city too. two tornadoes touched down, one some brooklyn and one in queens. tornadoes are a rare event in new york city. between 1950 and 2010, there were only 10 confirmed tornadoes. just evidence of more whacky weather we've been having. >> and when you think of new york city weather, you don't think tornadoes. >> i know. it was a busy day on saturday with all the active weather we had. i know in lorton, there was one area in a parking lot where over 20 cars had their windows knocked out. pretty crazy.
6:30 am
let's get right to our weather maps for you and show you what is going on here at home. we've got our satellite-radar composite to show you and that is where we've got absolutely nothing going on right now. no clouds or anything to talk about. yesterday, it was 80 degrees at reagan national airport, 79 at dulles and bwi thurgood marshall. 59 at baltimore. dulles at 56. 61degrees at reagan national airport. your day planner for today, by midday, we'll be at 74 degrees. it is going to be sunny. it will be pleasant. we will have some gusty winds, however. those wind will be picking up from the northwest and pushing through anywhere from about 20 to 25 miles per hour today so be aware of that. definitely kind of hang onto your hat weather. things are looking absolutely great outside. it will be a very pleasant did
6:31 am
i. you can see the temperatures across the country taking a little bit of a hit from that cold front across areas of the northern plains. we have temperatures into the 40s. look for us at a nice 78 degrees today. >> till within pleasant outside today. that is for sure. >> not so pleasant on the roadways today. >> we've had some major tie-ups to report this morning along the southbound stretch of the baltimore-washington parkway. happy to say the multivehicle accident finally cleared and all lanes are open. sky fox is over what appears to be one heck of a delay to put if t. nicely. big-time traffic on southbound bw parkway traveling in from nasa goddard out past riverdale where the wreck occurred. all of our lanes are open but bumper-to-bumper traffic coming southbound from before nasa goddard out towards 410 in riverdale. there is that ride. inbound other could save you some time. it too is starting to slow in cheverly. it will take a while for these delays to improve southbound on
6:32 am
the bray headed out of laurel headed out towards 410 in riverdale. eastbound along 66, no problems to report out of manassas. traffic volume is heavy and slow leaving 50 to 123 with accident activity over on the shoulder. we do have the crash involving the overturned vehicle. this is what is closing 234 in each direction at godwin drive. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. tomorrow, the nation women mark the 11th anniversary of september 11th remembering the nearly 3,000 people killed in that terrorist attack. here in the district, washington national cathedral will offer prayers during its regularly scheduled services. president obama and the first lady are expected to attend a private ceremony at the pentagon and hold a moment of silence on the white house lawn. meantime, vice president joe biden will speak at the memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania remembering the victims killed on unite flight 93n new york city, for the first time since the attacks, no politicians were invite to
6:33 am
speak at ground zero. new polls show president obama is emerging from the democratic national convention with a slight lead. fox 5's melanie alnwick has the latest on the campaign trail us for. she is live on capitol hill with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the candidates are hitting all of the hot button issues. it is jobs and the economy in ohio where mitt romney is scheduled to campaign today. medicare in florida and defense cuts in virginia. those three states critical for a win in november. here are the latest numbers from the gallup polls look agent registered voters. president obama now way five- point lead, 49-44%. the president hit florida on sunday. 29 delegates up for grabs there. real clear politics average of polls showing mr. obama with a slight lead but the state is still a is to-up. the president's campaign appearances in the sunshine state tried to turn attention
6:34 am
away from the job and the economy towards medicare. >> both side have now made their arguments and there is a choice that we've got to make and it is the clearest choice we've seep in a generation, not just 12:01 two candidates or two parties but a choice between two fundamentally different visions of our future. >> mitt romney spent sunday on the campaign trail attending church with his wife and doing intense debate prep. he made some news by saying he would consider keeping some parts of the health care law but he also blasted the defense cuts that are scheduled to kick in in jab. this is a big issue for voters in virginia because so much of the economy is tied into defense spending. now, those cuts scheduled to kick in along with other automatic defense cuts as part of the deal to raise the debt ceiling. >> i thought it was a mistake on the part of the white house to propose. it init was a misfake for republicans to go along with t the president was responsible for coming out with specific
6:35 am
changes that he would make to the defense budget. it was supposed to have come out this last week. he has violated the law that he in fact signed. american people need to understand how it is that our defense will be so badly cut. >> reporter: now, romney's statements forced his running mate paul ryan to explain why he voted to that budget control act. paul ryan said essentially he voted for a mechanism to allow the automatic cuts to kick in if congress could not agree on otherwise to cut the spending which so far it hasn't done. congress is scheduled to return today from its five-week recess. they do have to pass a temporary spending bill in order to keep the government running but wisdom and sarah, there is little chance that they will take up the big fiscal cliffs before election day. >> thank you. we'll see what they can get done before the election. did you see it? the presidential hug heard around the world. restaurant owner scott van druser was so excited to meet
6:36 am
the president, he gave him a big bear hug. here is the interesting part. he is a registered republican who plans to vote for president obama a second time. >> i don't vote party line. i vote who i feel comfortable with. i do feel extremely comfortable with. >> were you worried the agents were >> he said that was okay as long as i didn't take him away. >> the president praised him to using his business success to give back to his community. >> the redskin fans are smiling this morning. a wig win over the saints in new orleans this morning. let's go to wisdom and dave with the morning line. >> everybody is getting used to it. >> when you got rg iii, the line is normally good and what i line he had yesterday. >> a record-breaking line. >> we all thought he would be good. we don't know he would be this good.
6:37 am
he was sensational. what are you most impressed with in in the preseason, they didn't show anything. i kept saying i don't want to see anything. then you saw all the toys starting to come out. i thought they did a lot of the bubble screens well and you saw him run the option. >> i didn't like the option. >> you didn't like it? i kind of liked it. there he goes up the spread. >> he didn't get let on that one. >> got down. >> he got down on that one. >> this is what everybody really like here. he will stand in the pocket. see the blitz down the left side. gets popped right in the face. 88 for 88. griffin's numbers, 19-26, 320 yards and two touchdowns. that is a morning line. >> : what you don't see is how calm he was. he stood there and the poise and the way he found his receivers. the way he moved around and still tossed the ball around. that is what you didn't see in
6:38 am
the stat column. >> that is something -- >> he has command and control. >> i think we were worried it would be too much too soon for him. he was like no, just another football game for him. >> he plays the game, walks the walk, talks the tuck. and there was alfred morris. they had this running back by committee type deal. maybe it would be running back bay morris. he told me during the week he says he likes contact. doesn't shy away from it. no, he doesn't shy away. this guy is one of those every down backs it looks like. just kind of rolling off. >> we got some shake and bake too. >> rg iii getting a block there too. two touch downs, 28 carries, 96 yards. they might have found something with this kid. >> yeah. >> one game. >> we take them one at a time. >> you can only base on -- it
6:39 am
on what you see. one other kid we have to talk to is aldrick robinson. after the chicago preseason game, they shut him down. they unveiled him yesterday. >> in a very big way. >> this is another thing now. you are not seeing the santana moss. you see the young guys. very impressive whaw. see from these rookies and first year players. >> very nice. i was very impressed with the whole thing yesterday. >> you were in you? i'm really surprised. the morning line is a good one because they're 1-0 and undefeated. >> rg iii for mvp. >> right now. let's get back to sarah. >> he is so positive. >> i can't believe t who is this guy i'm sitting next to. >> i don't recognize him.
6:40 am
>> it is the morning line. a new line. >> turning over a new leaf on the morning line. thank you. coming up next, back to this morning's big story. he is a former navy seal turned author sharing details of the raid that led to the death of osama bin laden. >> i try to give the reader a sense of what it is like to be there. there. >> for the first time, he is going on camera. hear more of what he says he wants the world to know when we return.
6:41 am
so the 9:15 meeting looks like it's going to start a little late... um, but i uh... (interupting) oh okay - okay yup that's fine. excuse me - sorry. yes! vo: from the new, to the hard to find: when it's on your mind, it's on ebay™.
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pope benedict xvi is about to embark on what he calls a peace pilgrimage. the pope goes to lebanon later on this week. holy father spoke to pilgrims in italy saying despite the challenge after chiefing peace in the middle east, people should not resort to violence. the pope's visit comes as the fighting in syria has spilled over into a major lebanese city. a lot of backlash for his book,
6:44 am
no easy day but now the author is speaking out if the first time. >> mary ann rafferty takes a look at what he has to say about the top secret raid that killed osama bin laden. >> reporter: he goes by the name marne owen. he is the former navy seal turned author who penned the book no easy day. it tells the firsthand account of the u.s. military raid that killed osama bin laden. >> this has been lots of build- up because no one has read the book in advance. it is something that we've never seen before. >> reporter: oween has come under heavy scrutiny and his life has been threatened. he is speaking out for the first time. owen sat down with 60 minutes but for security reasons, both his appearance and his voice were altered. >> this operation was one of the most significant operations in u.s. history and it is something that i believe deserves to be told right and deserves to go in a book and stand for itself. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. >> the american public doesn't need to know what happened
6:45 am
exactly in that building. >> reporter: the pentagon as gone as far as threatening legal action for an alleged violation of nondisclosure agreements. that because the manuscript was not submitted for prepublication security review. >> it doesn't matter if there is classified information. if there is an obligation to submit it, have you to abide by it. have you to give the government the opportunity to see if there is classified information. >> reporter: owen suggests the book just tells a story and doesn't spill classified information. >> not talking secrets or tactics. i don't even get into any of that stuff but i try to give the reader a sense of what is liking to be. >> the book is in bookstores nationwide. the owen says most of the book's proceeds will go to charity. gwen is here with the latest on our weather. >> we've got a beautiful day other o. tap. it is the calm after the storm.
6:46 am
great yesterday. eastbound better today actually refreshing start to your morning. -- even better today, a refreshing start to your morning. you will see what is happening here, nothing. we have a strong ridge of high pressure in control. here is a lock at our current temperatures. we are starting out at 50 degrees in gaithersburg. 16 at d.c. 59 at baltimore. 66 in annapolis. 53 for martinsburg. 50-degree at frederick. jet strohmeyer is to the south of us. that is helping to keep this cooler air in place. we'll really see that holding steady through until about midweek or so before things start to change. we are talking about upper 70s into the course of today. the wind are going to be a little bit of a factor, however. we will see a pretty strong northwesterly flow into the course of this afternoon so expect those winds to pick up. northwesterly winds 10 to 15 miles per hour.
6:47 am
then they will start to increase and they will be gusting at about 25 miles per hour before it is all said and done. but we've got the sunshine so not too hard to take at all. so for today, 78-degree for our daytime high. northwesterly winds. plenty of sunshine for you. i couldn't give a i cloud if i wanted to. i'll be a sunshine salesman this week. that is where i'll make my money. it will be cooler in the western suburbs, probably into the low 50s or so. clear skies and light winds. could see a little bit of overnight fog into areas of the west. other than that, it will be very, very nice. here is a look at the fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast. take a look at the suns. if we were at a casino, we would be winning here. we are winning weather-wise though because we have no precipitation to talk about as we move through into the course of the week. temperatures will start to rise as well. take a look at saturday. we'll be at 84 degrees. not bad at all. we've got a cold front coming flu on the weekend. we'll keep an eye on that. we could see a spotty shower or
6:48 am
two but otherwise, it is looking good, folks. >> yes, it is. good morning. hello there. >> you have ahe given me an idea for a weather themed slot machine. wouldn't that be great? >> yeah. you better copyright that. >> i think i need to copyright it. >> you didn't have the idea. >> legal action already. >> good morning. it is now time for ask tony and tucker, the most popular segment in television. this morning, we are asking tony and gwen. colleen writes, when there is a miamior snowstorm or hurricane, et cetera, do the weather men and women covering the weather stay at the station? do you have a room with you can
6:49 am
sleep or shower during this time sups you don't go home for a couple of days -- during this time since you don't go home for a couple of days. the images that came up in my head. >> pretty good visual. >> it depends on the convenient. when this times like the big blizzards we had a couple of years ago, when it is all hands on deck and you are working 48, 72 hours straight, the shifts get elongated. he kind of work in 12-hour shifts and we book a hotel near the station where we stay. it depends on the circumstances what the accommodations are like. gwen, i believe we have a picture of your accommodations during one of the recent storms. >> i think that we do. because i get a little bit of special treatment. it is well deserved obviously. take a look at this. >> this is it. >> this is my special -- i mean it is amazing. i have a glass enclosed jacuzzi
6:50 am
pool with a spectacular view. i have my open personal fitness center. 24-hour butler service. and i get vip passes and all the best. they know how hard a work i he deserve this relaxation. >> how much does this cost the station? juste a mere $64,000. actually about $40,000 for that. >> when do we want to burst her bubble. >> ile a show where you -- i'll show where i say. this is the plaza in new york. i stay there -- >> you just leave town. >> i have a pristina jet that brings me back. i like to stay there. that is where the beatles stayed when they first came to america. and the room say in is $30,000 a night. >> what happened to us, wisdom? how did we get stuck at the -- >> let's show a picture where
6:51 am
we stay. >> you guessed it right here. >> no, in all seriousness, we do stay at nearby hotels. we're in the picky because the main thing is being close to the station. in all likelihood, you can't drive and everything so you want to be able to walk. sometime you sleep here if you need to based on what is going on it is cumbersome. during those times, people need to know what is going on. the station, there are no showers for us. there are no folding beds or cots or suites whatsoever and as tony said, the hotels are just within walking distance. we do what we need to do to be here to give you the updates. we are one big happy family. that thing about showers does kind of kick in with some of my colleagues here. >> what? >> i'm he just joking. >> all right, colleen. i'm not sure i'm happy you
6:52 am
asked the question. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on -- the good life. click on the weather tab. there you go. >> where does julie wright stay? i want to know that too. >> what are your accommodations in a blizzard. >> i've got my blanket and my pillow. >> there she goes. >> on the floor. there it is. >> you are repaired for everything there. >> you do want drive -- i don't drive in that mess. you stay here. >> ped and you probably have your open personal stash of nutty buddies there too, right? >> gwen knows me. >> i don't drive. i don't walk in it. i don't want to see it. i don't want to know it.
6:53 am
on the roads this morning, we are checking out your commute which is very busy and this is on dry pavement. 234 at godwin drive is where we had the crash involving the overturned vehicle. eastbound lanes are blocked. westbound, the left side of roadway blocked off there. a crash reported northbound on 286 down at old keen mill road tying up a lane. eastbound 66 slowing leaving manassas. 286 to 123, average speed coming in out of vienna. our big story occurred earlier this morning southbound on the baltimore-washington parkway. the crash cleared at 410 in riverdale but left behind big delays. en bound on route 50, you are below speed with low traffic leaving the beltway to cheverly. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. some local olympians will be honored today. leaders in maryland are hosting a ceremony for local athletes
6:54 am
who participated in the london olympics and paralympics. the michael phelps and katie ledecky will be there. still ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> get up close and personal with some of nature's most delicate beauties. holly is life in wheaton, maryland this morning showing us all the work it takes for the wings of fancy butterfly exhibit to take flight. we'll be right back.
6:55 am
henson, big day -- we're gonna fly to jersey, then mexico, china and france. you're going to travel through so many time zones, you're going to have jet lag for months. now sink your teeth into that big n' toasted if you're ready to soar. good. exits are here, here, and here. a big day calls for the big n' toasted breakfast sandwich, with fried eggs, cherrywood smoked bacon, and cheese, stacked high on texas toast. grab yours at dunkin' donuts. it's a breakfast favorite. start your big day with a big n' toasted breakfast sandwich from dunkin'.
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6:57 am
good morning, i'm holly morris. as you are probably fixing breakfast for your kids, i also am fixing breakfast for butterflies. apparently they like overripe bananas. who knew? the people at brookside gardens where we are live in wheaton this morning and where we are taking in the wings of fancy exhibit. this is a butterfly exhibit they have had for some time. any day you can see between, i
6:58 am
don't know, 400 and 800 butterflies flying. well, this morning, we're going behind the scenes to see what it takes to put on this exhibit. and it is a limited time only exhibit. in fact, this is the last week for this season. so this morning, we're going to talk about how they have to catch every, single adult butterfly and ship them out, where they're going, how they care for that process. we have some kids coming to the exhibit and wisdom, if you are picking up a day when you want to come out here this saturday is also children's day and they are eating the rainbow. we'll explain what that is, as well. >> i'm going to have to put that on my calendar. so saturday is a good time for me and the kids to come down. >> reporter: absolutely. >> cool. thank you very much, holly. looking forward to that. time now to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. and today we say hello to russell morgan. he says he leaves for work about 10 a.m. each morning but his tv is faithfully locked onto fox 5 beginning at 4:25 in the morning. that's really early and we appreciate it. for your chance to be
6:59 am
tomorrow's fan, log on our facebook page and leave a comment under russell's picture. that's it for the 6:00 hour. now let's send it to tony and sarah to take us the rest of the way. i'll be back. >> yes, you will. >> see you in an hour. >> thank you. coming up next on "fox 5 morning news," the conventions are over and it is back on the campaign trail for president barack obama and mitt romney. this as a new poll shows more of a lead for the president. where the candidates will take their message today is coming up in a live report. >> and a huge story out of chicago. for the first time in 25 years, the city's teachers are on strike. that means no class for the thousands of students that may be headed to school this morning. what the mayor of chicago is doing to fix the problem. >> plus... >> a good solid -- >> five other rookies, i say [ indiscernible ] >> redskins fans are all abuzz over robert griffin iii. in about 15 minutes, dave ross

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